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Accessibility Statement

Erotique Boutique is committed to providing its services to people with disabilities. This web site has been built to take into consideration all users. We have taken all steps possible to make sure this web site is accessible to all.

Navigational Aids

Not everyone finds it easy to scroll through text and links so this website makes it easy with the following features:

Every page has a skip to content link, if you are using a screen reader or browsing on your mobile phone, clicking this link will skip through all the repetitive links and text at the top of the page and take you straight through to the content you want to see.
All pages have a bread-crumb trail at the top of the main body of the page. The bread-crumb trail should help you to understand where you are in relation to the home page. This is particularly useful if you have entered the site via your favourites/bookmarks or from a search on Google, Yahoo or MSN.
All pages have a search box functionality towards the top of the page. This will help you search the pages of this site quickly.

Access key assignments

  • 0 = Accessibility Statement
  • 1 = Home
  • 2 = Basket
  • 3 = Search
  • 4 = Contact Us

What are access keys?

They are keyboard shortcuts assigned to make getting to certain areas of the site easier for visually-impaired and mobility-impaired people. The access keys on JJB Sports have been allocated to not interfere with any keyboard shortcuts you may use with your browser or screenreader.

You can use them by holding down the relevant key along with the Alt button on your keyboard. Mac users press Ctrl instead of Alt. If you are using Internet Explorer you will also have to press the Enter/Return key as well.


This website has been designed to function optimally in modern web browsers including:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Netscape 8
but it is also intended to work in older browsers too. You may find that by using an older browser that this website appears as un-styled black and white document.

This website should also work on mobile phones and PDAs.

Standards Compliance

This website has been designed with web standards compatibility in mind.

All pages on this site comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to a high level. There are areas where certain webpages do not validate due to certain constraints and the use of deprecated HTML.

User Style-sheets

This website also supports user based style-sheets. So modifying our website to suit your individual needs is now possible.

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